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Rocks fall. Roll reflex.

Forging your own loot! (welovefine plug)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 12, 2017, 2:26 PM

Hey guys, just a quick little plug for a cool online store with D&D (+ other things) merchandise.
They have a new project up where artists can submit their D&D themed art and get it turned into cool stuff: T-Shirts, bags, etc. Artists are paid for the things that get sold with their art on it, so it seems like a cool opportunity. I can't attest to what % you get paid for your work, their official FAQ says to contact them for specifics BUT it does specify that they will not own your art after you submit it, so you can take solace in that. Apart from that, there is some cool stuff on there and you can support fellow D&D fans by buying their stuff!

Just for full disclosure, I am not getting anything from the post, and I'm not an artist so my work will not be on the store =P. One of their representatives sent me a message and they were really kind and helpful so I thought I'd put this out there!

Learn more about it by clicking the graphic below, or head over to see the already submitted designs here:…


So I've been taking requests from my local roleplay groups here and there to improve my skills.  I have been doing decently well too.  If you have any characters you want to share I will see if I can draw them!  

*No NSFW, though if you really want it than message me.
*Characters must come with a full description.  I can't draw air.
*Characters can be from any tabletop or roll20 game.  You can bring them in from any DND version as long as its from an roleplaying game.
*NO CAPES, (Just kidding I love capes.)
Honestly I wish I could do these digitally.  But my computer is a laptato so I need the practice.  So please message me with your ideas.  I want to draw!
For more examples of my sketch's visit:

May I have your attention for just a moment...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 12:03 PM

Happy Halloween everyone! I am SlushpuppieT, co-founder of this group. I'd like to take a moment to officially apologize for the group going dark for nearly a year, but I am back to stay, update, help, and accept awesome D&D inspired art + literature + crafts into the group. I'd like to thank those of you that are old members for sticking around, and also want to welcome all of our new members and hope they have fun doing whatever it is they came here to do - whether it is to look at D&D art, learn the game, share ideas, or anything else.

My main reason for posting today is to get a good feel if anyone out there is offering character commissions. I want to start a free raffle of sorts to get a few of our members a chance at winning cool art, as well as give our members who offer commissions a place to show off their work. (Edit: To clarify, I would be paying for the commissions, you guys don't have to hand out free art on behalf of the group!) If you could please reply here or send me a note with any info you want, I will be putting up a post with everyone's combined information so our members can browse it at their leisure. Send me your name, prices, some samples, and any other information you want to share.

If I get more than 1 or 2 people offering commissions I will update this post:…
It hasn't been touched in almost four years which is a travesty.

And that's it for official group business. I leave you with two more things.

This website is awesome for coming up with random character ideas. I've hidden it because it is potentially NSFW because of language if that bothers you. Lots of the F word. If that doesn't bother you check it out, it's good for more than a few laughs.

And I also happen to have a free copy of Stardew Valley on steam. The first person to send me a note with the subject "Stardew Valley" will get a link to redeem it
Already gone T_T

Thanks for reading, hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Welcome to Champions, a game started many years ago by my Father and never fully finished; I hope you can immerse yourself and enjoy the experience. For a historical introduction to Champions, check out this link: Champions 

What is Champions?

Champions is a game similar to the popular roleplaying game called Dungeons and Dragons, except based around the idea of a super-powered modern universe mirroring our own but with obvious differences. In this game you may choose to take command of a canon character or a hero of your own design and conception; the choice is yours and is essentially limitless. Any adventure can be undertaken without paying- that's right. This game is intended to provide every single tool and system for free, unlike similar games. Moving on.

How do I play?

It's very simple! You join or gather a group of friends who are interested (this group might be a good start if you're interested...). If you're familiar with D&D then you'll be perfectly fine transitioning from that game to this. If not... brief guide down below. 

    In every game, there will be one Game Master running things. If you need pointers, I suggest going to them as they probably have a good idea on how to run everything. To get started, find a good dice rolling program (…) and create a character using this and any links added. Consult your GM prior to submitting the character, as they will likely wish to review it- it is heavily suggested that every character you make is made alongside of a GM. To use a simpler format with more independent boundaries, use this, which is a layman's applicant; if you submit this or a similar character sheet to the group, the GMs will go over it in order to assist you, possibly by setting up your own official reference sheet. 

    Now then, the mechanics of the game can confuse people, so don't be afraid to ask! Some good spots to reference for this might be herehere, or here. These pages contain pretty basic knowledge on all the mechanics and inner workings of Champions as a game, and provide a good idea of how everything works. If you have particular questions or comments, feel free to comment there and I or another GM will reply ASAP. This game takes some getting used to, so don't be embarrassed!

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Champions is 100% free to play and only uses donations that are willingly given to it! 

How do I create a character?

Character creation is based on original concept- you must first create a backstory and a general idea for a character before creating one. However, you may also create a canon character and simply move it to our stat system, as I have done here with Wolverine of Marvel Comics. For an OC hero, check out Mogar, which is a character I ran in D&D; that's right, for all of your D&D characters, you can translate your characters into Champions characters! If you need help doing this, feel free to note me for assistance. For those of you who need help, again, just note me Mr-Bambu and I will walk you through the creation process. If you have an OC you'd like converted into this, simply send me the link and what you'd like them to act as (NPC or PC) and it can be created. Seriously, the sky is the limit! 

What is an acceptable starting character? 

Starting characters can either be extremely lowballed versions of the heroes you love (for instance, starting Quicksilver might only move at 700 mph) or a character of your design with reasonable skills/feats/etc. You can't expect me to allow you to create a Galactus-level villain immediately- you have to build up to high end characters. If your GM is running a powerful game (perhaps he is in the Bleach universe or something, it's really up to them) then you might not regard this rule- however, in a typical game of Champions, you will start off small. I will say this- the better your backstory and the more developed you make your own character, the more likely we'll let you slip in some more powerful skills/abilities. 

How do I progress in the game? 

Champions is a game that uses what is called a point-based progression system. These points, known as Hero Points, are awarded for completing tasks and doing great feats of heroism or, if its your cup of tea, villainy. Essentially, you will use these points as currency to advance and develop the skills of your character vastly over time until you are the top hero/villains of Champions. These systems are divided into subsets that will give you a basic skill-shopping experience: these subsets are General Skills, Combat Skills, Supernatural Abilities, and Misc. 

Additionally, progression can be marked by the living history of the character you are running- that character has an active effect on the world around him/her and should be recorded by your GM. Your character can also gain power by achieving various items that enhance it- these could range from super-powerful crystals of power to starship fleets to something as simple as a katana. Many of these things can be purchased with in-game money and can be a good alternative to the Hero Points system if you are low. 

What all is possible in this universe of Champions?

Anything and everything! Unlike Dungeons and Dragons, Champions has no real set story parameters. Instead, the GM can place your heroes in any dystopian future, apocalyptic present, or dangerous past he chooses. It's all about storyline- with a good storyline your GM will be able to drop you into legitimately any universe possible with his/her own set of laws for said universe. One GM might decide to take a trip into the typical and "canon" Champions Universe, populated by homemade and well known enemies alike, and another GM might decide to battle in the universe of Final Fantasy or perhaps DOOM. The options are as limitless as your imagination. 

What sort of community is desired? 

Any kind! We want everyone interested to come and experience our worlds as we do. And, as a plus, the game does NOT cost money to play or access the systems for, unlike similar games. It is run completely freely but does accept donations on my page (once again, that is Mr-Bambu!). Any kind of gamer is welcomed- for the competitive types, we plan to institute a living leaderboard for characters with huge power levels; the top heroes in the "canon" universe will be listed and will be given monthly rewards like Hero Points and items (that is, assuming we get enough players). For casual players, once we train more GMs some will definitely be able to cater to your free-playing style and will happily give you a wonderful experience! 

Where do I sign?

To join, proceed to the Champions-Official group and either ask for an invite or click the join button! We will accept everyone possible. If you're interested in training as a GM, please contact myself or the group and I'll immediately set you up with as much knowledge as possible. 

Note: If asked I will train typical players in this newly developed system as well, because we want everyone who is interested to enjoy the best experience possible. 

Please, do not be alarmed at the sudden drop or lack of information as of yet, as it can be added! If you believe there is an issue with the guide, please, note me at Mr-Bambu or the group at Champions-Official

Official Game Masters (GMs)/Game Types

Mr-Bambu: Canon Universe Main

Please Note! We are looking for experienced Dungeon Masters or other game-runners of similar games to teach the systems of Champions, so that we may spread it around. If you're interested, contact me! 

Storyteller vs Telling A Story

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 27, 2016, 5:34 AM
Anyone who's bothered to follow my posts knows that I post tips for DMs and Players alike. Often times these tips and suggestions are observations either of my own games or of games I participated in. An increasingly common event in my most recent game is the following fact making itself known.

You are not a storyteller, you are there to tell the story.

Interested? Read on. See I am a creative writer (my particular brand of art, not my vocation), so I like to give long detailed descriptions of things. I like to build a cohesive world with an interesting narrative and then tell the tale. That works great for fiction writing, but unfortunately, people don't want to sit there and listen to a 15 minute story. Most players want an interactive story, not a point and click adventure, if you'll excuse the phrase. As I've said before,  "The DM is there to facilitate the fun".

The players want a living breathing world that moves and shapes around them, but they also want it to be only as complex as what they see. The sad fact is that the majority of the time, no matter what module or custom adventure you run, unless you have a set of players that really dig for details, they will likely only ever encounter the bits of story that they stumble across from the start line to the finish line. That means that they will likely never intentionally obtain over 80% of the story. So now you have a few options:

A) Forcefully include more exposition and background than the situation normally called for.

B) Let the players encounter what they come across and write off the rest.

Option A) can sometimes work, but it requires a subtle and deft hand, and you can't do too much of it, or you go into "That DM" territory.  Option B) is repulsive to the writer in me, but that's the way the real world works. Nobody ever has the full story. Nobody ever knows everything. As a matter of fact, as long as you don't mention it most players will be happy. Just stick to the golden rule of DMing. "What the player's don't see doesn't exist". I much prefer a middle ground. Sort of Option AB) include an NPC into the situation which the players can go to for plot information, but only if they want to. This way, you get a convenient vehicle for giving information, and the players aren't tied down and forced to consume said information.

SO now that we've thoroughly crushed all hopes and dreams of telling your own tale what do I mean by "you are there to tell a story". Well in plain terms just what it says on the box. You, the DM, are there to facilitate the experience. An analogy would be the guy who sets up dominoes or makes a jigsaw puzzle. Sure, it might be fun to do it yourself, but the whole point of the exercise is for other people to have fun with your work. Allow the players to "live" in the world you scupt for them. This is where RP really comes in. When you RP a character, you really invest in the situation, and with that investment in the character comes investment in the world. And when you are invested in the world, you want it to succeed. And thus you RP more. Ideally it's a self perpetuating loop.

I'm starting to ramble so that's all for today folks.

Journal by iLantiis for Dndeviants
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Sorry for the excessively late reply, the admins all had *life* happen to them around the same time so we have had very few people approving new submissions. I will be around for a while approving new memberships and trying to approve some artist submissions as well. Apologies for the hiatus.
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